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About the Writer

Miracle Hawkins, MSW, Therapist

Hey there, Kingdom Kid!

My name is Miracle Hawkins, writer of Thy Fruitful Mind. With a love and passion for both God and mental health, my focus with this blog is the intersection of spiritual and mental health. My mission is to break the lingering stigma surrounding mental illnesses and therapy, particularly for my fellow Believers. Our mental health is just as important as our spiritual and physical health. Each of these dimensions of wellness require our diligent attention to live our best, fruitful lives. Join me in breaking the stigma so that we as Believers can begin to be transparent about struggles related to mental health.

Bringing mental health awareness with a faith-based perspective!


Join me in exploring the intersection of spiritual and mental health using what God has revealed to me in addition to what I’ve learned while working in the mental health field.


Start your week with a spirit-led devotional to promote the renewing of your mind and to cultivate a fresh, faith-based perspective of whatever situation you may be experiencing.

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